In 1974, Connie is a White House stenographer who obtains the infamous 18½-minute gap in President Richard Nixon’s Watergate tapes.

Lintho’s life merges with that of his puppets. The puppet of a story he did not write but of which he was the toy. He gracefully moves his paper characters to tell the inhumanity of Haitian jails.

This film draws urgent attention to Belize’s gang crisis that has violently traumatized Belize City and exposed the black on black crime that has marginalized Belize’s black men.

The ‘Negro Moses’ arrived on the scene on August 17, 1887 in the tiny seaside town of St. Ann’s Bay on the northern coast of Jamaica, fifty-three years after slavery was abolished in that country.

Amidst the greatest crisis in Cuban history, a boy’s life will change forever. At the end of the Cold War, Cuba experienced one of its worst socio-economic periods. Euphemistically called “Special Period in Time of Peace”.

William is writing a novel, but he is having trouble figuring out how to end it. He looks up and notices a good looking girl walking by. William gazes at her and this introduces a dream sequence.

Dir – Dennis Peyrifitte – Artist – Cocono Bwai

‘Black Doll’ is an intimate picture of a young girl’s relationship with her dolls and her hair, touching on a range of issues including femininity, race, and self-presentation.

A man is saved from drowning at sea by a group of fishermen, but wishes he wasn’t after finding out that the crew is only going back to land when they find a mermaid,a mythical creature that doesn’t exist.

CHAT- A Covid 19 Story follows Angel, a young girl who recently lost her father to Covid-19. She reconnects with him through a smart device app that somehow speaks to her, using her father’s voice.