The film “1Place!” is an experimental motion picture that combines classical music, animation, and still

A Place Called Music is a documentary about the peculiar musical encounter between Daniel Medina, a traditional Wixarika violinist from the mountains of Jalisco Mexico, and Philip Glass, eminent composer from New York City.

Under the impacts of a changing climate, the world changes, it has already changed. In a distant and near future, both fantastic and absurd, men and wo-men survive as they can.

Artist: Emery “Gilla” Gill ft. Tara Gil and Wageirale Drummers /
Dir: Franzwah Estrada (7:28 min) Paranda / G

A religious, middle-aged Garifuna woman must choose whether to embrace or reject her culture amidst a health crisis.

Artist: Dajah Glamor | Label: Maastamindmaxx Revenue /
Dir: Maxx Revenue and Sherone Hope (3:30 ) Afro Beat / G

A farmer caring for her dying mother has an unexpected visitor.

Ramin Mehdipour (13) and his Iranian family have been living in a refugee center in Finland for a while now.

Artist: Marlyn Vansen | Label: Marlyn Vansen /
Dir: Theodore Spain (3:38) Pop / Rated: G

Hai is the successful and wealthy owner of a horse ranch who begins to follow his dream of making films.

Artist: J. Monie ft. Yuxg Dan | Label: Lion Pack Media / 3rd eye /
Dir: Code 501 (3:03 ) Dancehall / Rated G

Artist: TR SHINE | Label: Heights of Vibes Records / Dir: Sherone Hope (3:10 min) Genre: Brukdong, Soca / Rated G

In this powerful animated video, we follow the inspiring journey of a young boy named Peter as he faces the challenges of peer pressure and bullying in a school setting.

ANGEL, mother to TANIS, escapes into the night from her abusive partner EARL to a women’s shelter on the reservation.

A crab trapped in a bucket watches as his companions wait exhausted for their inevitable fate…
When an opportunity to escape presents itself he will do the impossible, and the possible.

Coerced to foil a terrorist plot against a children’s school, two brothers must decide the value of character or risk losing their ultimate reward.

Sometimes boredom is a gateway to demons. Be very mindful of who or what you play with.

One winter Sunday at a boarding school in Kalimpong,10 year old Clinton has to face the toughest day of his life.

Gerald is a humble hard working mechanic. A man who loves his family and whistles on his way to work at his friend Larry’s garage. Gerald and Larry are life long friends but when certain circumstances change the friendship and their lives are changed forever.

Young Matilda and Prince are taken on a life-changing trip by a stranger. Kids, gangsters and Ghana’s vibrant coast as you’ve never seen them.