Under the impacts of a changing climate, the world changes, it has already changed. In a distant and near future, both fantastic and absurd, men and wo-men survive as they can.

A religious, middle-aged Garifuna woman must choose whether to embrace or reject her culture amidst a health crisis.

A farmer caring for her dying mother has an unexpected visitor.

Sometimes boredom is a gateway to demons. Be very mindful of who or what you play with.

One winter Sunday at a boarding school in Kalimpong,10 year old Clinton has to face the toughest day of his life.

Gerald is a humble hard working mechanic. A man who loves his family and whistles on his way to work at his friend Larry’s garage. Gerald and Larry are life long friends but when certain circumstances change the friendship and their lives are changed forever.

Young Matilda and Prince are taken on a life-changing trip by a stranger. Kids, gangsters and Ghana’s vibrant coast as you’ve never seen them.

An aging man struggles with self-loss as dementia leads him down a path of confusion. An unexpected bond with his caregiver provokes past memories that he must reconcile.

Giovanni, a high-school music teacher, struggles with raising his son while battling a gambling

Grandma always says, don’t answer strange noises.

Sixteen-year-old Brit walks through a local vintage store with her best friend, Chris. Encouraged by the store’s owner, Brit buys a mysterious archaic polaroid.

Julie, a 9-year-old girl, is unable to integrate into her school. It was with Emile, a new deficient student, that she discovered drawing.

Young Iona is visiting her grandmother. She’s totally entranced in her coloring but she really wants to go outside.

Diane can’t ignore anymore the leak coming from the ceiling above the family diner…

As the Xingu indigenous live in close symbiosis with water, rivers in Sao Paulo are perishing due to worrying levels of water pollution from chemicals used in the agrobusiness industry and plastic.

A night. A car. Alie is in danger. To get by she must make the most important phone call of her life.