William is writing a novel, but he is having trouble figuring out how to end it. He looks up and notices a good looking girl walking by. William gazes at her and this introduces a dream sequence.

‘Black Doll’ is an intimate picture of a young girl’s relationship with her dolls and her hair, touching on a range of issues including femininity, race, and self-presentation.

CHAT- A Covid 19 Story follows Angel, a young girl who recently lost her father to Covid-19. She reconnects with him through a smart device app that somehow speaks to her, using her father’s voice.

A father converses with his young daughter via video call one last time before his journey aboard the STAR “FOREVER 143” where he will spend the remainder of his life.

Struggling against the daily routine and their emotional ups and downs, this couple try to deal with the isolation days as best they can.

They wanted a night out, but instead Samantha & Mavis are in the bathroom cleaning up Ashley’s mess. As the two friends hash out long-held grudges, we come to understand just why these two women are the best relationship either of them might ever have.

Arjan is awakened by a mysterious voice and he finds himself alone on a small planet called Planet I. He explores the little planet for 40 days. This is a love letter to one’s little planet.