Lintho’s life merges with that of his puppets. The puppet of a story he did not write but of which he was the toy. He gracefully moves his paper characters to tell the inhumanity of Haitian jails.

This film draws urgent attention to Belize’s gang crisis that has violently traumatized Belize City and exposed the black on black crime that has marginalized Belize’s black men.

An exploration of handicraft production and the indigenous history of the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

A young man who spent his life speaking English and learning the British version of his story, sets off on a journey to learn his ancestral language.

Follow Belizean Chef Sean Kuylen in this short documentary as he gathers and prepares a meal fit for a queen or, in this case, Her Excellency Froyla Tzalam whose inauguration as Belize’s first indigenous Governor General was held earlier this year.

Sociologist, social anthropologist, but especially a poet. Yolanda Rossman Tejada talks about her life and work in times of quarantine.

People in Punta Gorda town remember a time of unpaved roads with no plastics in sight. Now plastics are multiplying and threatening this carefree Belizean town.

Set during 2019’s Cuba in the post-revolution and post-Soviet society of scarce available resources, taxi drivers / mechanics must continue to maintain the classic 1950’s cars inherent to their culture, and more importantly, essential to tourist attraction.

A young Japanese woman, who travels from a big city to Amami islands, stays at a beachside villa and restored Amami-style old houses to concentrate on work.