A Place Called Music is a documentary about the peculiar musical encounter between Daniel Medina, a traditional Wixarika violinist from the mountains of Jalisco Mexico, and Philip Glass, eminent composer from New York City.

HOW (NOT) TO BUILD A SCHOOL IN HAITI documents Tim Myers, a well- intentioned American contractor as he embarks on the construction of a school in rural Haiti following the earthquake of 2010.

Stalking Chernobyl, a documentary from Cultures of Resistance Films, examines the underground culture of the Chernobyl Exclusion Zone.

Following the brutal murder of Manuel Roseo in Chaco, Argentina, the fate of his 250,000 hectares rainforest estate is yet to be seen.

THE TRAIN AND THE PENINSULA is a deep dive into Mexico’s Yucatan Peninsula as the 1500 km railroad megaproject called “Tren Maya” is being built.

Three Minutes – A Lengthening presents a home movie shot by David Kurtz in 1938, in a Jewish town in Poland, and tries to postpone its ending.

In 2013, a Guatemalan fisherman made a stunning discovery: a massive, uncharted coral reef, seemingly untouched by the bleaching that has decimated other reefs across the Caribbean.

Unknown Belize uncovers the wonder of Belize’s natural world, while exploring the political, economic and environmental challenges facing Central America’s only English-speaking nation.

During her 70 years as a nun, Sister Maria Rosa Leggol helped over 87,000 Honduran children escape poverty and violence through an ecosystem of social, educational and entrepreneurial projects.