(USA, 2021) Comedy, Drama, Historical / 89 min / English / Rated PG-13
Dir: Dan Mirvish

In 1974, Connie is a White House stenographer who obtains the infamous 18½-minute gap in President Richard Nixon’s Watergate tapes. She wants to leak the tape to reporter Paul, which could bring down the Nixon Presidency. They meet up at a secluded Chesapeake town, and their search for a working reel-to-reel player leads them to a bossanova-loving couple, a troupe of paranoid longhairs, a mysterious fisherman and one-eyed Jack, the proprietor of a bayside motel. Once the tape starts playing, it’s clear that nefarious forces are also out to get it. In a mix of carefully researched facts and outrageous historical fiction, it’s sometimes hard to know which is stranger.