Dir Feste Films
(Belize, 2023) 90 min / Rated: G

Unknown Belize uncovers the wonder of Belize’s natural world, while exploring the political, economic and environmental challenges facing Central America’s only English-speaking nation. When it comes to environmental protection and sustainable development, Belize is providing a blueprint to the world. 80% of the nation remains undeveloped. Where only 17% of the world’s land and 10% of our oceans are currently considered protected, Belize is leading the way; the nation has nearly fulfilled its commitment to the United Nation’s recent agreement to protect 30% of the world’s land and oceans by 2030. But while over 60% of Belize’s landmass is currently wild and undeveloped, its natural resources are constantly at risk of exploitation from industrial farming, logging, mineral extraction, wildlife poaching, mining, unsustainable fishing and damage to the reef system. 

Dir. Ignacio Robayna
(Argentina, 2022) 71 min / Rated: PG

Following the brutal murder of Manuel Roseo in Chaco, Argentina, the fate of his 250,000 hectares rainforest estate is yet to be seen. After illegal hunters and lumberjacks threaten with destroying this natural paradise, a group of activists and biologists will fight to protect the EL Impenetrable rainforest.

Artist: Melonie Gillett | Metamorph Creatives /
Dir: (3:58) Genre: Electronic/Pop / Rated G

Artist: Chella | Label: Junie Mar Production /
Dir: Rydell Baird (3:36) Genre: Hugu Hugu (Garifuna) / G

Artist: Echo Middleton I Label: Passion Vibes Entertainment /
Dir: Sherone Hope (3:36) Genre: DanceHall / Rated G

Artist: Den-Z | Label: DJ Medz /
Dir: Sherone Hope (3:24 ) Genre: R&B/Soul / Rated PG

Artist: Altee ft. Jay Javale | Label: Father & Son Records /
Dir: Andre Herrera (4:32) Genre: Reggae, Dancehall / Rated G

Artist: TR SHINE | Label: Heights of Vibes Records /
Dir: Sherone Hope (3:10 min) Genre: Brukdong, Soca / Rated G

Artist: J. Monie ft. Yuxg Dan | Label: Lion Pack Media / 3rd eye /
Dir: Code 501 (3:03 ) Dancehall / Rated G

Artist: Marlyn Vansen | Label: Marlyn Vansen /
Dir: Theodore Spain (3:38) Pop / Rated: G

Artist: Dajah Glamor | Label: Maastamindmaxx Revenue /
Dir: Maxx Revenue and Sherone Hope (3:30 ) Afro Beat / G

Artist: Emery “Gilla” Gill ft. Tara Gil and Wageirale Drummers /
Dir: Franzwah Estrada (7:28 min) Paranda / G

Dir. Gabriel Borjas
(Honduras, 2022) 10 min / Rated G
Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), HONDURAS

Irene is a 19-year-old girl who works every day selling newspapers and cleaning houses to maintain her
two younger siblings, Meri and Miguelito. Her mother has been an immigrant in the United States for
several years and has eventually started to lose contact with her children. When Irene realizes that her
little siblings want to discover the truth about their mother, she will do everything to keep intact,
through wonderful stories, the illusion and innocence of the children.

Dir. Christian Henríquez, Alexis Alvarez, Richard Padgett, Ana
Mencía, Linda Donaire, Andrea Soriano, Juan Sebastián Avila
(Honduras, 2022) 4 min / Rated G
Universidad Tecnológica Centroamericana (UNITEC), HONDURAS

A crab trapped in a bucket watches as his companions wait exhausted for their inevitable fate…
When an opportunity to escape presents itself he will do the impossible, and the possible.

Dir. Derryck Dhanoosingh, Derrick Valentine Pitts
(Belize, 2023) 5 min Rated: G
Alvin L. Young Nazarene High School (BELIZE)

In this powerful animated video, we follow the inspiring journey of a young boy named Peter as he faces the challenges of peer pressure and bullying in a school setting. When Peter recalls a story about three brave Hebrew boys who refused to bow down to conformity, even in the face of a formidable King Neb, it prompts him to make a courageous choice.

Dir. Chloe Cadet & Cassidy Peschier
(Trinidad & Tobago, 2022) 5 min / Rated: G
University of West Indies St Augustine, (UWI) TRINIDAD & TOBAGO

The film “1Place!” is an experimental motion picture that combines classical music, animation, and still
images. In this film, the viewer is invited to observe the physical environment surrounding the artist,
who is depicted standing motionless in the center of wide-framed shots. The short is filmed at various
locations in Trinidad and challenges its viewers to seek depth in simplicity.

Dir. Joshua Paul
(Jamaica, 2023) 15 min / Rated PG

Giovanni, a high-school music teacher, struggles with raising his son while battling a gambling

Dir. Alex Camilleri
(Malta, 2021), 94 min

EU FILMS – Not in Competition

Jesmark, a Maltese fisherman, contends with a newfound leak in his traditional wooden “luzzu” boat. Barely getting by, he sees his livelihood — and a family tradition from generations before him — in danger by diminishing harvests, a ruthless fishing industry, and a stagnating ecosystem. Desperate to provide for his wife and their newborn son, whose growth impediment requires specialized medical care, Jesmark gradually slips into an illicit black-market fishing operation.

Dir. Donato Rotunno
(Luxembourg, Belgium, Germany, Italy, 2020) 100 min

EU FILMS – Not in Competition

Antonio has spent his whole life away from Italy, his home country. He crosses paths with Leo, a young Italian artist who is trying to make it abroad. The old man and the young woman’s destinies mirror each other. Memories from the past are awoken and end up offering a more peaceful future to the both of them.

Dir. Hamy Ramezan
(Finland, 2020) 82 min

EU FILMS – Not in Competition

Ramin Mehdipour (13) and his Iranian family have been living in a refugee center in Finland for a while now. As the boy is enjoying his school holidays, the family receives a negative decision on their asylum application. After filing the last possible appeal, the Mehdipours try to continue with their everyday lives and keep a positive attitude despite the looming danger of deportation. Ramin starts the new school year in which every moment will be more precious than ever.