Dir. Samantha Aldana (USA, 2017) 5 min / Rated: G

The Melancholy Man tells the story of the world’s saddest man who meets the world’s saddest woman. Through a fantastical lens, these characters come together in their harmonious misery and find something that surprises them both.

(USA, 2017) Dir. Sigal Erez

Synopsis: “What’s Your Number” is a historical drama about the unlikely friendship between a Holocaust survivor and and African-American boy. The two meet at the park when the boy’s mother is late picking him up due to a traffic accident with a racist truck driver. The survivor stays with the boy at the park until the mother comes to pick him up. During those four hours, the survivor shares with the boy his survival story from the concentration camp. At this moment, we go to a flashback and see how on the last day of the war, the survivor’s sister saved them both.

(México, 2018) Dir. Rodrigo Martin Jaffe

Synopsis: Alex wants his parents to live the present, to recognize him and to cope with his little brother’s death which happened nine years ago.

(Mexico, 2016) Dir. Pablo Calvillo

Synopsis: In a dystopian future where fossil fuels were exhausted, ruling corporations had turned to desperate measures to generate energy. Books were banned & confiscated as fuel for the fire, and with them free thinking had been lost. Human beings had morphed into illiterate cockroaches.

(México, 2016) Dir. José Luis Solís

Synopsis: Godchild was told as a child that when a good man dies, the sky cries and rains in abundance. To overcome the drought that was killing the people, someone very good must die.

(Togo, 2016) Dir. Jean-Luc Miheaye


(Mexico, 2016) Dir. Diego Cataño Elizondo

Synopsis: Stella and Julian are two young dysfunctional people in a sick relationship. Both will fall in an obsessive, violent and endless tunnel to confront their deepest fears. Pigs is a metaphor that circulates as a conceptual and narrative line through the story, as a symbol of who they are. It’s a metaphor of broken love, of the bodies that are in love: they are going to the slaughterhouse.

(Aruba, 2018) Dir. Rebecca Roos

Synopsis: Living in paradise is not the same as visiting paradise. The short film juxtaposes a day in the life of tourists visiting Aruba with one of a professional woman living in Aruba.

(Cuba, 2018) Dir. Hannah Smith-Yen, Miranda M. García, Miri de Villers, Olivia McAuliffe


(Curacao, 2017) Dir. Elizabeth Francisco

Synopsis: We are immediately drawn to the humming of a young girl. We see her uncovering the past through old memorabilia belonging to our protagonist Flor Marie. This work of fiction takes us on a reflective journey around the true events on the morning of November 6th of 1967 in Curacao.