Dir. – Sherone Hope – Artist – T-Unknown

Artist: Shawn Adaan – Mikey Lion – Jah Art

Dir. – Ras Ju – Artist – Ras Ju

Dir. – Sherone Hope – Artist – Unltd

Dir. Omar Aldana – Artist – John King

Dir. Celebrity – Artists: Supa G – Gafar – Stig da Artist – Lanae – Prophit – Mr. Program

Dir. Positive vibes – Artists: Orps, Kaylon and Quennea

Dir – Dennis Peyrifitte – Artist – Cocono Bwai

Dir. – Nello Player – Artist – Nello Player

Martinique, Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy / 7 min / English / Rated PG-13

Tol is the story of a robot worker working in a landfill that after a certain time has discharged, and will have to be recycled. In order to escape, he will have to thwart the foreman’s supervision so that his son, whom he is hiding, will have a better future.

(Guadeloupe, 2018) Social, Ethnographic / 5 min / French w English Subtitles / Rate G
Dir: Kamun

Speak BROTHER Speak is an animated short film based on the characters of the series “The BROWN Family”. They will be “the mouth of those who have no mouth” as Aimé Césaire wrote through excerpts of reports, songs…The artist Kamun wished to recreate a new dialogue, a story that will appeal to you.

(Belize, 2021) Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy / 17 min 35 sec / English / Rated PG-13
Dir: Cameron Tillett

A man is saved from drowning at sea by a group of fishermen, but wishes he wasn’t after finding out that the crew is only going back to land when they find a mermaid,a mythical creature that doesn’t exist. Inspired by still image films like La Jetée, Chasing Waves is told through drawn images and audio.

(Japan, 2021) Docu-fiction / 11 min 11 sec / Japanese w English Subtitles / Rated: G
Dir: Yoshimasa Jimbo

A young Japanese woman, who travels from a big city to Amami islands, stays at a beachside villa and restored Amami-style old houses to concentrate on work. She also enjoys sightseeing and interaction with the locals. Having some unusual dreams, she deepens her thought as if growing out of her former self.

(USA, Cuba, 2019) Lifestyle / 8 min 21 sec / English & Spanish w Eng Subtitles / Rated: G
Dir: Laurence Frial, Charlene Campbell

Set during 2019’s Cuba in the post-revolution and post-Soviet society of scarce available resources, taxi drivers / mechanics must continue to maintain the classic 1950’s cars inherent to their culture, and more importantly, essential to tourist attraction. Through endless car part repairs, adaptations, and just plain love for these machines, Cubans are constantly finding ways to keep their old cars on the road. Many taxi drivers also give themselves the title of mechanic, as they must make sure their cars are never stranded, and always stylishly cruising to the next destination.

(Belize, Usa, 2020) Environment / 22 min 22 sec / English / Rated PG
Dir: Vanessa Bergonzoli, Jeremy Kaplan, Tylor Robinson

People in Punta Gorda town remember a time of unpaved roads with no plastics in sight. Now plastics are multiplying and threatening this carefree Belizean town. Our Own House reveals a community coming to grips with the reality of plastic pollution within one of the richest natural environments in Central America.

(Belize, 2021) Food / 32 min 35 sec / English & Belize Creole w no subtitles / Rated PG
Dir: Sean Kuylen

Follow Belizean Chef Sean Kuylen in this short documentary as he gathers and prepares a meal fit for a queen or, in this case, Her Excellency Froyla Tzalam whose inauguration as Belize’s first indigenous Governor General was held earlier this year. A momentous occasion, Chef Sean goes deep south in search of traditional ingredients for this one of a kind culinary experience. Inspired Cuisine takes you behind the scenes and shares exciting highlights that are sure to tease your taste buds.

(Nicaragua, 2020) Biography / 4 min 57 sec / Spanish w English Subtitles / Rated: PG
Dir: Rodolho D. Sandino

Sociologist, social anthropologist, but especially a poet. Yolanda Rossman Tejada talks about her life and work in times of quarantine.

(St.Vincent and the Grenadines, 2021) Drama,.Historical / 8min / English /Rated: PG
Dir: Akley Olton

A young man who spent his life speaking English and learning the British version of his story, sets off on a journey to learn his ancestral language.

(St.Vincent and the Grenadines,2020) Drama, Historical / 30 min/ English/Rated: PG
Dir: Akley Olton

An exploration of handicraft production and the indigenous history of the Caribbean nation of St. Vincent and the Grenadines.

(Belize, 2017) Social / 27 min 7 sec / Belize Kriol w no subtitles / Rated: PG13
Dir: Bilal Morris

This film draws urgent attention to Belize’s gang crisis that has violently traumatized Belize City and exposed the black on black crime that has marginalized Belize’s black men. It documents the intervention program by activists like Abdul Marin Nunez and his work inside Belize City’s most dangerous gang enclaves, as well as the first gang intervention work in the southern districts of Belize where the gang problem has also spread.