Dir: Floyd Lacaro | Artist: Deizel da Dan | Label: Mastahpeace Productions

Dir: Eric Vairez/Kermell Panks |Artist:Nello

Dir: Horacio Guerrero | Artist: El Criminal X Nes-T

Dir: Sector Nine/ Smart | Artist: T.R. Shine

Dir: Dice Pandy |Artist: Dice Pandy

Dir: Theodore Spain | Artist: Nicole Graig, Ashleigh Craig

Dir: Dale Kevan Guzman| Artist: Mervin Budrum| Label: Roots & Honor Records

Dir: Kinema Obi/ Anthony Sykes | Artist: Ras Indio

Dir: Ozzie Smith | Artist:Concego | Label: SKM Records

Artist:The Garifuna Collective | Label: Stonetree Records

Dir: Theodore Spain|Artist: Marilyn Vansen

Dir: Jah Art| Artist: Dice Pandy

Dir: Theodore Spain | Artist: Marilyn Vansen | Label: Vizion Studios

Dir: Young Starr/ Tareek Young |Artist: T.Y. Ft. Rush | Label: Unruly Entertainment

Dir: Theodore Spain | Artist: Supa G

Dir. J.C. Oliveira (Brazil, 2018) 10 mins / Rated G

The story of the famous street cleaner from Brazil, Renato Sorriso (Smile). From a poor background in Rio de Janeiro to the closing ceremony of London 2012, he enchanted the world with his samba and his joy.

Dir. Mohanad Diab (Egypt, 2018) 10 mins / Rated G

Behind these barbed wires lies the renowned Correctional Institution in el-Marg, where children pay their freedom in return for their mistakes. Between trauma & reality, dreams, ambitions and another life run inside this institution whose inmates are certainly worthy of another chance.

Dir. Phil Miller (Belize/UK, 2019) 11 min / Rated R

After the Falklands War, British soldiers were sent on a ‘sunshine tour’ of Belize. In 1983, one of them shot and killed a local farmer, 55 year old Antonio Alford, who only had one leg. The British army said Antonio was a cannabis grower who pointed a shotgun at the patrol commander. But local people say Antonio only had one leg, after a shark accident. Known as ‘One foot Tony’, he was a friend of Belize’s prime minister and helped run his local football club. So did he really pose a lethal threat? 35 years later, investigative journalist, Phil Miller traveled to Belize and tracked down an eye-witness to this controversial killing, Errol Flowers. One Foot Down is a story of war, trauma and those who are left on the margins. Miller’s film, commissioned by New Internationalist magazine, raises disturbing questions about how the UK Ministry of Defence looks after not just its own troops, but also the civilians who live in countries where it has overseas military bases.

Dir. Abanoub Yousef (Egypt, 2019) 24 min / Rated PG-13

NOAH narrates the story of three refugees from three different continents who after their political differences, found themselves in the country of asylum seeking to return to their homes. The film includes participants from more than five different nationalities and feature Bata Khalil, Hani Abdel Hay, Syrian Farouk El Shami, Helal Soliman, and Abanoub Youssef. Noah was filmed in four countries – Moldova, Tunisia, Egypt and Turkey – though 85% of it was filmed in Egypt.

Dir. Ahmad Al-Bazz (Palestine, 2018) 18 min / Rated PG

When William was 35 years old, he lost his job, his wife and his house. He decides to take refuge in nature to heal himself. William’s journey leads him to discover his new permanent place and pushes him to change his view of the concepts of home, immateriality, and belonging. ‘Homenessness’ is a 19-minute observational documentary that shows a journey towards peace, serenity and the immaterial.