(Japan, 2021) Docu-fiction / 11 min 11 sec / Japanese w English Subtitles / Rated: G
Dir: Yoshimasa Jimbo

A young Japanese woman, who travels from a big city to Amami islands, stays at a beachside villa and restored Amami-style old houses to concentrate on work. She also enjoys sightseeing and interaction with the locals. Having some unusual dreams, she deepens her thought as if growing out of her former self.


About the Director

Yoshimasa Jimbo was born 1986 in Tokyo, Japan. After working for a travel agency, he directed his first feature film “I’m Ten, then I’ll Catch Eleven”. It was screened in the country and overseas, and he was nominated for the new director award of the Directors Guild of Japan in 2014. In 2017, He created “Here and Here” in Busan. It strengthened his network with Busan filmmakers and eventually he directed “Here and Elsewhere, On and On” (2017) in Japan with them.
After that, he was invited by an Iranian filmmaker in 2018, to work on the production of the feature film “On the Zero Line” (to be completed in 2021).