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(USA, 2017) Dir. Dayna Reggero

Synopsis: A recent Wood Thrush geotagging project led to an incredible discovery about its migratory path from North Carolina to Belize. Now, a new film captures the intercontinental efforts Belize Audubon Society and Audubon North Carolina to protect this bird amid a changing climate.


About the Director

Dayna Reggero is the Director of the Wood Thrush Connection. She has been traveling across the United States and around the world to connect and share hopeful conversations on climate and community. Her Climate Listening Project films explore the connections that are important to each of us: family, faith, business, community; and weaves together the latest science with inspiring stories from around the globe. Dayna has been interviewed by CNN, appeared on ABC, CBS, NBC and FOX networks around the nation as a wildlife and sustainability expert, and coordinated with Animal Planet, TLC, Discovery and the Food Network for features.