Dir. Jorge Perez Solano (Mexico, 2018) 1hr 42min / Rated PG 13

The Black People tells the story of Magdelena and Juanita, two women who are united in the spiritual realm by their tona, or spirit animal, and in the material realm by neri, Juanita’s husband and magdalena’s lover. Juanita’s death will grant Magdalena the clarity that she needs to go on with her life without neri. This is the first Mexican feature film starring afro-mexican actors from various communities in the Costal region of Oaxaca.


About the Director

Jorge Perez Solano is a producer, screenwriter and film director. His films focus on topics such as migration, political corruption and social marginalization in Mexico. From an early age he became interested in film direction, and at age 22 he entered the Autonomous Metropolitan University (UAM) Xochimilco Unit, where he studied Communication Sciences, specializing in film. In 1988 he managed to enter the University Center for Cinematographic Studies of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (CUEC-UNAM), where he studied script writing and realization. At the time of writing his stories, he is inspired by the evolution and problems of the region from which he originated.