(Guadeloupe, 2018) Social, Ethnographic / 5 min / French w English Subtitles / Rate G
Dir: Kamun

Speak BROTHER Speak is an animated short film based on the characters of the series “The BROWN Family”. They will be “the mouth of those who have no mouth” as Aimé Césaire wrote through excerpts of reports, songs…The artist Kamun wished to recreate a new dialogue, a story that will appeal to you.


About the Director

Born in 1978 in the Paris region and originally from Guadeloupe-FWI, the artist Kamun likes to define himself as an African from the Caribbean, an uprooted man in search of himself and his history. Passionate about the Image as he likes to say, it will be in the social field that he will evolve professionally. He defines himself as a digital artist and works mainly with new media. It’s approach is intended to be social, to be close to those who are far from the cultural universe by questioning them about their environments. In 2014, he created “The BROWN Family”.