(Cayman Island, 2016) Dir. Laurel Burgam / 10min / Rated: PG

Synopsis: Self-Prescribed was produced in the burgeoning film industry of the Cayman Islands. Home to over 150 nationalities, this Caribbean nation is known for it’s cosmopolitan nature and it’s world-class banking industry. This unprecedented cultural and financial bedrock has given rise to a new generation of creatively expressive youth. Produced by dozens of Caymanians, Self-Prescribed is an unorthodox Caribbean film, yet uniquely emblematic of the Cayman Islands. Directed by female director, Laurel Burgam, Self-Prescribed is also proud to feature an original theme song, “Moments of Clarity,” produced by Caymanian artists.


About the Director

Laurel Burgam began her film career in Grand Cayman where she worked as a set photographer, PA, and producer on a variety of projects. She immediately fell in love with the world of filmmaking and soon began collaborating on a short of her own. With the help and guidance of friends, Self Prescribed became Laurel’s directorial debut. The support she received from this experience encouraged her to apply to film school. Deciding to attend NYU’s Tisch School of the Arts for film and television production, Laurel has since narrowed her focus to cinematography and editing, though she continues to work on projects of her own. Laurel is excited for what lies ahead and remains thankful for the opportunities she has been given.