Sweet Tassa: Music of the Indian Caribbean Diaspora details the history, repertoire, and socio-political significance of tassa drumming in Trinidad & Tobago.

Arjan is awakened by a mysterious voice and he finds himself alone on a small planet called Planet I. He explores the little planet for 40 days. This is a love letter to one’s little planet.

Throughout the 1970s, the journalist Elías Barahona, a.k.a. “El Topo”/”The Mole”, infiltrated the heart of one of the most repressive governments in Guatemala.

Dir. – Ras Ju – Artist – Ras Ju

Tol is the story of a robot worker working in a landfill that after a certain time has discharged, and will have to be recycled. In order to escape, he will have to thwart the foreman’s supervision so that his son, whom he is hiding, will have a better future.

Set during 2019’s Cuba in the post-revolution and post-Soviet society of scarce available resources, taxi drivers / mechanics must continue to maintain the classic 1950’s cars inherent to their culture, and more importantly, essential to tourist attraction.

“We Still Here” introduces the incredible youth of Comerío, Puerto Rico navigating the aftermath of Hurricane Maria, a disaster that brought an unprecedented level of devastation to the country.

A young Japanese woman, who travels from a big city to Amami islands, stays at a beachside villa and restored Amami-style old houses to concentrate on work.

Dir. Positive vibes – Artists: Orps, Kaylon and Quennea