Dir. Maina Diniz & Marjorie Rocka (Brazil, 2018) 14:40 min / Rated PG-13

Dalila lives between lines and color, until, at a certain moment, she is captured by Gustavo’s lenses.

About the Director

Maina Marinho Diniz, 34, graduated in Business Management at UFBA (2009), and currently a student of arts in the interdisciplinary degree program also at UFBA.In 2014 i started my photography career covering events and children sessions after finishing “Photograph Initiation Course” in the Communication School of UFBA. In April 2015, I got a certification as birth photographer and started taking pictures in this area. Registering births directed me into other work areas such as pregnancy and families while also attending to editorial and institutional demands. In 2018 I directed the movie “My Life With You”, currently playing at festivals, and most recently “Tubarão de Água Doce” (Saturnema Films) which has been post produced