Dir. Ahmad Al-Bazz (Palestine, 2018) 18 min / Rated PG

When William was 35 years old, he lost his job, his wife and his house. He decides to take refuge in nature to heal himself. William’s journey leads him to discover his new permanent place and pushes him to change his view of the concepts of home, immateriality, and belonging. ‘Homenessness’ is a 19-minute observational documentary that shows a journey towards peace, serenity and the immaterial.


About the Director

Ahmad Al-Bazz, 24, is a multi-award-winning journalist and documentary filmmaker based in the West Bank city of Nablus. He graduated from the Faculty of Media at An-Najah National University in Nablus in 2014 where he specialized in TV journalism. He has been a member of the Activestills collective (www.Activestills.org) since 2012 and his work has been shown in several local and international photographic exhibitions and film festivals across Europe, US, and the Middle East.