(USA, 2020) Drama /16:48 min / English / Rated: PG
Dir: Leon Lozano

CHAT- A Covid 19 Story follows Angel, a young girl who recently lost her father to Covid-19. She reconnects with him through a smart device app that somehow speaks to her, using her father’s voice. This story is a tribute to everyone that has lost a loved one to the Corona-virus pandemic, and to essential workers that bravely provide needed services for us all. Our cast and crew were sheltered in place during production.


About the Director

In 2021, Leon Lozano, made his episodic television directorial debut on the show TALES for BET network. Shortly after he directed four episodes of the new talk show ESCAPE WITH NATE: IN SEARCH OF BLACK UTOPIA, for THE AFRICA CHANNEL. MY FATHER BELIZE, a film written and directed by Lozano, won five “Best of” festival awards internationally; notably the film was invited to the 2021 Festival de Cannes – Short Film Corner. Lozano is currently in post-production on his latest feature film A LITTLE HOPE FOR CHICAGO.