(Belize, 2021) Animation, Sci-Fi, Fantasy / 17 min 35 sec / English / Rated PG-13
Dir: Cameron Tillett

A man is saved from drowning at sea by a group of fishermen, but wishes he wasn’t after finding out that the crew is only going back to land when they find a mermaid,a mythical creature that doesn’t exist. Inspired by still image films like La Jetée, Chasing Waves is told through drawn images and audio.


About the Director

Çameron Tillett was born on July 20, 1998 in Belmopan, Belize. When he was only a few months old, his family migrated to the U.S., where they resided for ten years before returning home. It was during his nomadic early childhood when his love of storytelling emerged; a young Cameron spent most of his days inside, writing and illustrating stories to share with his siblings. As a director, writer, and musician, Cameron wishes to show that filmmaking is yet another medium of art that Belizeans can excel at.