Dir. Patricia Ortega (Venezuela/Colombia, 2018) 97 min / Rated: R

Ariel discovers she was submitted to several surgeries to correct her intersexual body as a baby. This revelation will confront her with a challenge: to remain a “normal” but oppressed woman, or to dare to find herself outside gender binaries.


About the Director

Patricia Ortega studied at the Escuela Internacional de Cine y Televisión in Cuba, specialising in Film Direction. After creating some short films, Ortega became president of the independent Venezuelan production company Mandrágora Films in 2009. In the next ten years, she made ten short fiction and documentary films with the company; in 2013 she directed her first feature film, El regreso (English: The Return), which saw a wide commercial release in cinemas across Venezuela.
Ortega has drawn strength from ‘Being Impossible’ during times of both personal and political upheaval. Ortega won the Best Director and Best Screenplay awards at the Venezuelan Film Festival in June 2019 for Being Impossible. In 2019, she began development of her third feature film, Mamacruz.