(Belize, 2021) Romance, Drama / 6 min / English / Rated: PG
Dir: Emile A. Mena

William is writing a novel, but he is having trouble figuring out how to end it. He looks up and notices a good looking girl walking by. William gazes at her and this introduces a dream sequence. The girl’s name is Elaine. William tells her about the writing problem he is having and she is interested and tells him to follow her, but where?


About the Director

Emile A. Mena was raised in Belmopan, Belize. When he was 12 years old he started making mini trailers and videos with his friends and family, and that’s when his love for filmmaking started. He also believes that family is everything and that no matter what, it should always come first. He would like to thank his mother, Margarita Mena, and his father, Emile Mena for loving and supporting him unconditionally. Emile has many upcoming projects and he continues to expand the filmmaking industry in Belize.